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Most of us wish that our hair was stronger, healthier, and more luscious, yet we all tend to be pretty tough on our hair.  Blow drying, heat styling, hair coloring and even over exposure to the sun can all dry out our hair and leave it brittle.   Aside from leave in conditioning masks and treatments, reviving our lifeless locks can seem like a long process.

And sometimes the condition of our hair makes us think twice about our next hair color appointment.

Not any more! Now with Olaplex, you can have stronger hair and virtually eliminate split ends.

Introducing a new professional hair color additive called Olaplex.
This one ingredient changes everything!

Stop hair breakage in its tracks with Olaplex

Olaplex is a breakthrough ingredient that your colorist can mix into any professional hair color formula.  The treatment multiplies the keratin bonds within the hair structure and links broken bonds. This in turn, effectively eliminates hair breakage or weakening during the coloring process.  (But read on…Olaplex is NOT just for hair color!)

Olaplex has many benefits for hair color clients:

  • Drastic color changes are now safer

  • Color correction can be done without further damage

  • Color more often without risk

  • Split ends seem to disappear

  • Go even lighter, double process even the same day


Olaplex is not only for hair color! Used as a treatment on it's own it has powerful results!

Do you notice signs of hair breakage and split ends?  Is your natural hair texture very fine and limp? Talk to your stylist about Olaplex.  If you want to strengthen your hair and drastically reduce the look of split ends, try Olaplex on its own.  No color service required.

  • Add Olaplex to a Keratin treatment

  • Add Olaplex to an American Wave, Relaxer or any other texture treatment

  • Add Olaplex to a Wash and BlowOut

At the Zen Beauty Den, we are proud to offer Olaplex along with the best hair cut and hair styles in all of Bend! Our staff is highly trained and ready to help you transform your hair. Have you been tough on your hair?  Do you notice signs of hair breakage and split ends?  Talk to Cassandra about Olaplex, the stylist who will help you save your hair.